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Naturally Perfect: The Angelica Doll

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Naturally Perfect: The Angelica Doll

Brown eyes, full lips and nose, beautiful cheek bones, big natural hair! These aren’t words you would

typically hear associated with a children’s toy- until now.

Mother, wife and now entrepreneur Angelica Sweeting has

been working overtime to bring a new product to the market.

One that our young princesses of color can relate to, a

beautiful baby doll with features similar to her own.

Disappointed with the lack of inspirational dolls her daughters

could not only play with, but identify with, Angelica Sweeting

embarked on her journey with the help of her two young

daughters to create the ‘”first 18 inch natural hair doll for

curly girls.”

The Angelica Doll has been designed to have features true to women of color and kinky curly textured

hair that can be washed, styled and treated just as human hair. During the production process these

ladies having documented themselves truly putting the dolls’ hair to the test by styling with twist outs,

Bantu knots, blow outs, wand curls and more!

Angelica Sweeting shares how one of her goals is to teach young girls at an impressionable age how to

love and take care of their beautiful natural hair. In addition she plans to display the doll occupying

many different careers such as an entrepreneur, journalist, engineer, software developer and even more

so that young girls can see that they too are limitless.

With the release of the prototype Angelica Doll, the Sweetings made a remarkable $50,000 in just 8

days! Angelica Sweeting says with all of the proceeds made from the campaign of the prototype release,

she intends to invest in creating and entire line of natural beauty dolls to provide to young girls, so it

seems this is just the beginning!

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