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Finding HER Style | Spotlight Feature: Alexandria Fitch

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Some of us know that girl. We never catch her slippin’ or looking like she’s having a bad day. Matter of fact, this girl looks determined to take over the world. She effectively uses clothing and accessories to let the world know her personality. Her clothes turn heads for the better as they lay properly to cover her shape. One day, this girl looks as if she going to make a major power move at a cocktail party in Manhattan. Next time, the same beauty is in an asymmetric sweater, leather jacket and booties. And you wonder where each piece is from. The best part about this person is that she keeps us guessing or wanting more of her style. But, why can’t be her?

I think that we all can become that fashionista in our neighborhood or in our heads. Style is more than clothing. It starts with our attitude because it’s about how we wear something. So, we have to start with ourselves and know what we like and don’t like. Then, we have to challenge ourselves to explore and push beyond our comfort zone. For me (and maybe yourself), I like to know others’ interpretations and thought processes on fashion. Here’s Alexandria, also a Youtuber by the name of LexJustLive, who is an artistically inclined photographer studying at University of Maryland, a school near our nation’s capital.



Meet Alexandria Fitch


“To be honest, I don't think I can define my style as a certain type because I'm open to different looks. So instead, I'll just explain what I like to wear, haha. I usually gravitate towards darker hues any time of the year. Because of this, I consider my makeup to be a component of my overall style because it can give my outfit an extra "umph". Wearing makeup especially helps since I'm not big on jewelry. A bold lip, fleeky brows, mascara, and eyeliner (sometimes) are my go-to’s. Anytime I incorporate color, it's slight because I don't like being too loud with my look unless I'm really feeling it (like with my 3rd outfit). Boots make my world go round because they're so versatile, but I'm also a sucker for nice, high heels and a classic everyday sneaker. No matter what I'm wearing, there has to be something subtle that gets me a little noticed.

I found my style just by listening to myself. If I try something on and like it, then that's part of my style. If I'm on Tumblr and see a dope outfit that I'd think about recreating, then that's also part of my style.

My advice, which I got from Youtuber Jenn of “Im of Clothes Encounters” last year at BeautyCon, would be to not focus on having a distinct style. Just buy what you like, and don't be afraid to experiment. Everything will come together. ”

As you can see, it’s not important to have a label for your style. Start with what you know and let your imagination take you exploring in different stores, prints or colors. If you want more inspiration follow and subscribe to Alexandria on IG and Youtube: @LexJustLive