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Finding HER Style | Spotlight Feature: Cynthia Hoang

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Good taste in clothing takes time and encouragement. Magazines and the everyday person can present motivation, but I find them not to be consistent in matching one’s personal taste. Honestly, sometimes you like what you like. A better guide to improve your eye for style is famous people. Think about it. Their style is part of their brand that they have to maintain. This means that you will be exposed to tons of style choices that are consistent and cohesive. The point is to find a celebrity who has a closet that you will love to shop from and take mental notes on what and how that individual dress. For example, Cynthia, an artistic graduate from George Mason, evolved from a frumpy prep to a chic maven based on a well-known English model.

Meet Cynthia Hoang


“In college [my style] was either English prep school (oxfords) or concert grunge (docs). Lately I've been going for something more classic, minimal, comfortable, and a bit tomboyish (think of French fashion, Madewell, Everlane, Zara).

I went through many phases before I realized how much I was into the clean, sophisticated look--probably because I was a uniform-wearing private school kid for a majority of my academic career (the uniforms I wore weren't very appealing, which led me to appreciate stylish elements of other school uniforms). I was pretty tomboyish growing up; I never caught on to the styles and trends most girls were into. I valued comfort more than anything else and often wore roomy, relaxed fit clothes. I wasn't as focused on fashion until I googled Alexa Chung (whom I had discovered through my obsession with the Arctic Monkeys). She became a huge influence on my sense of style today. Her looks always seem so effortless and chic. I admired her ability to layer and wanted to style myself in that classy manner. From there I expanded, taking note of styles from many fashion and photography bloggers I follow on social media.

Y'all have probably heard this a million times, but seriously dress the way you want. I've gone through a ton of different personal styles (some good, some not so good) before I figured out what I *really* liked. Be mindful how it flatters your body but then again it's all on you how you'd want to look. Fashion is a way of expressing yourself. Go ahead and try out different trends! Eventually you'll figure out the different elements that work for you!”

As we explore more fashion stories, the takeaway is to find a fashionable archangel to help with your process. But, if you like drawing inspiration from down-to-earth people, check out Cynthia’s IG at @cynthesys.