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Finding HER Style | Spotlight Feature: Kim Tin

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In college, some of us are on a journey to find our true persona. We are free to express our feelings or new beliefs through whatever we see fit. The days have set when Mom told you what a lady should wear. Since those days are gone, some of us are stuck in an unsure, clouded place on style.

I understand that we all can’t attend school in cities with clear-cut inspiration like New York, L.A. or Atlanta. So, I thought about seeking out some motivation and bringing it to you. I asked three questions to people (who are attending school or recently graduated) about their style. Also, I asked them for any advice for the style-challenged. Here is a style feature of an alumnus whose alma mater is 45 minutes from Philly.

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Meet Kim Tin


She also goes by the name of Kim Geronimo, her photographer name. She is a street photographer with an Instagram page that oozes of creativity.

“I don’t quite have on particular style, most of the time. A lot of my clothes are street wear. Sometimes, I will dress really dapper. But the clothes I own are versatile but simple. Some clothes can be used to dress “street” and “dapper”. The best way to describe my style is [by] my hairstyle. Every time I get a hairstyle, I make sure I can look classy when I need to attend formal events, but ,also, it has the ability to swag out with a messy look.

I find inspirations in places where I [have] traveled and the people who surround me. Most important thing in styling is to be comfortable with how you look. Change is good. Don’t be afraid to try out some strange ideas you might have. Also, keep in mind less is more.”

I agree with the street-sensei that simplicity should be sought first when it comes to experimenting. Sometimes, the occasion doesn’t call for you to be covered in accessories. For example, an outfit may look more chic with an eye-catching piece like a textured-jacket paired with basic jeans and sneakers (or heels). After the main pieces, then you can edit the look with earrings, bracelets or belts or some funky socks.

If you check out Kim’s IG page, you might think that she is a rock star. Her hair screams to people that she is artistic and she’s comfortable with herself. Now that you’re out of college, play with clothes and hair. Explore color, texture, and prints. Do what you want, but keep the mane healthy and the look appropriate. If you are afraid of maintenance in hair coloring or shorts cuts, weave it. Follow Kim’s and HER Extensions IG page for motivational style and dope hair.