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HER Half-Hour Transformation

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Exercise is essential to maintain a happy and healthy life. The body will release endorphins, which activates an elevated, positive feeling. And consistent body movement decreases body fat, stimulate muscle growth and encourage healthy dieting. Still, the key word is “consistent”.

Consistency involves disciplined execution. Sometimes, motivation from Instagram fitness gurus isn’t enough. Progress pictures of ole’ joe isn’t doing it either. How do people grow from ‘I’m trying to do better’ to ‘I did it’?

After years of riding a fitness rollercoaster, I’ve found that you have to know that health isn’t instant. It’s a long-term goal, which means that you have to rid yourself of a microwave mindset. Hours at gym or complex exercise challenges will not expedite your fat loss or muscle growth. From my observations of successful stories, the victors rely on the basics. And, I might add that they don’t beat themselves up for their reliance on the fundamentals either.

In previous posts, I wrote about doing something towards your fitness goals despite time constraints. To maintain your exercise regimen, you should know that you could meet your goal with 30 minutes. That is 30 minutes of full-body workouts. Many full-body workouts are moves that we dread and have to learn to love.

With 20-30 minutes, anybody whose time is always in-demand can perform these full-body exercises to get the most out of her session:

The Push-Up

Most women lack upper body strength. Yet, doing pushups has a wider pay off than obtaining stronger shoulders and arms. Pushups involve the glutes, lower body, core and upper body. As you perform a pushup, the chest, abs and lower back are directly trained while the quads and back are strengthen and stretched. Overall, pushups help with balance, cardio and strength training. You will get the out of a single session by incorporating pushups because they involved a wide variety of muscles.

The Burpee

This move has an incredible effect on the body. It works the legs, arms, chest, back, abs, and glutes. It encourages strength as you push and lift your bodyweight. Plus, it’ll tone as it’s a serious fat buring move with various studies stating that the burpee burns almost half more fat than traditional weight lifting. This is seems credible as the burpee involves jumping, which requires anaerobic activity.

The Jump Squat

We all know that squats are great to build a glorious butt and a nice set of thighs. Add a jump to the move and you can fulfill your daily need of cardio training. Jump squats are great because they challenge your endurance. Like the burpee, jump squats are excellent full body moves for those with little time to train. You’ll have sculpt the lower body and burn fat in your midsection.

The Plank

The plank is holding the body horizontally like a stiff board. It’s a full body move as it challenges the core, shoulders, arms and glutes. Matter of fact, it’s the first step in performing a pushup. The reason I added the plank in this series of exercises is because planks allows you to recoup. If you were to do a circuit of all of these moves in 30 minute, it’s important that you add a move that allows you to slow your heart rate and tackles various muscles. Plus, there are numerous variations of the plank such as side planks or the addition of leg lifts.

These exercises are a time saver. They engage multiple muscles simultaneously and some of the moves stimulate the heart and lungs for cardio. There are plenty more full body exercises to explore and incorporate into a quick routine. As stated before, it’s easier to stay committed to a quick routine that could be done at home. Remember that meeting a health goal will not happen overnight with the incorporation of this type of exercise. Just add some of these moves to routine or create a workout with full-body and see a transformation in two weeks with 30-minute daily workouts.