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HER Style| A Collegiate Presentation

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HER STYLE: A Collegiate Presentation

Midterm week is coming or ending for most of us. Eyes and minds focused on past

lectures and scattered notes, some young ladies (let’s be honest) have been bothered and

flustered by midterm week. They’ve been caught wearing saggy sweats, oversized shirts

and, possibly, a bonnet at the library. Please do not let this be you next semester!

I’ll admit that I’ve been a victim to midterm week. One time, I lived in collegiate sweats

and did not properly tend to my skin or hair for three days. As a result, I had a friend who

kindly shared with me that I looked unapproachable. That moment was the exact reason

for anybody to maintain a well-edited appearance in stressful periods. As a future career

woman, I’m sure that I will not have the luxury to receive constructive criticism frsomeone who cared, understood and empathized my homeliness. Generally, people

(especially the ones with influence) are not as forgiving. Plus, you have to keep in mind

that first impressions can leave a lasting imprint. So, I thought of some style tips for

strenuous college moments like midterm week or finals.


People tend to identify each other by their hair. It’s likely the first thing someone

notices about another person. I’ve learned a few things over the years when it comes to

balancing time management, style and hair care. First, I’ve found that protective styling,

especially sew-ins and wigs, as the way to go. As someone studying out of state, I don’t

have the same resources to maintain my locks as I do at home. With that revelation, I’ve

experimented with sew-ins and wigs for hair care and style simplicity. Sew-ins and wigs

allow me to tend my braided hair without possibly damaging it. Simplicity is the name of

the game when it comes to extensions. Curly hair, even as extensions, requires TLC. So,

I recommend straight Peruvian or Brazilian hair because they’re easy to blend with

HER STYLE: A Collegiate Presentation

course textured hair (in case you choose a partial sew-in). Lastly, I choose lengths and

styles that I can work with. Bobs have been my go-to since this hairstyle requires only

10”-12” hair and a flawless cut. That’s it! I wake up with a modern, classy look that only

needs 2 minutes of attention with a hair tool.


A great complexion means less reliance on makeup. Here’s an overview of my

skincare: daily intake of 2-3 litres of water, weekly exfoliation with facial scrubs and

regular application with a facial moisturizer. This keeps my skin hydrated from the

inside out, renewed with constant removal of dead skin and under control to not create

any extra oil from constant dryness. All of this reduces the chances of breakouts.

The major benefit is that I don’t need tons of makeup to look “awake.” On crazy,

hectic days, I simply sweep on a powder foundation, fill-in my eyebrows and add

mascara. And, yes, I keep a tube of lip-gloss or liquid lipstick in my purse. You never

know when and where you might meet ‘Mr. Change-Yo’-Life’.

The Outfit

When in it comes to clothing, I like to keep it all the way simple on a busy day.

This doesn’t mean to keep it basic. Whatever you choose to wear, it should fit properly

and compliment accordingly. Therefore, personally, I like to pair a basic t-shirt with a

jacket, put on some skinny jeans (or leggings since we’re talking college life) and tread in

sneakers or cute flats. To make it seem that I put some thought into what I wear, I

accessorize. Minimalistic earrings, a necklace and a bracelet with a structured handbag

polish whatever I’m wearing.

As a college student, how you look can affect your opportunities. Sometimes

opportunities are achieved through referral and recommendation, which are ways of

networking. Networking is important to personal appearance, as the recommended is a

reflection of the recommender. So, you don’t want to lose a chance to show off your

greatness because you appear to lack self-care at the moment (or for a while). This isn’t

an implication that people are judgmental or that you shouldn’t be caught looking a little

disheveled. It’s about trying to live up to a certain standard that will separate you from

the rest to, possibly, ensure the confidence of others who sees you as the total package.

-Shea M.