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The Little Things

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School recently started. The good thing is that I’m nearly done with my major. So, the coursework isn’t too heavy. The no-so-great thing is that I feel like I have to get my post-grad life together. Sometimes, while I’m binge-watching Empire, this urgent feeling in the abyss of my stomach has my heart exploding out of my chest. Ok, I’m being dramatic. But, it’s an odd reaction to my new chapter as a college senior who’s not completely sure about life.

To calm my anxiety, I’m going to focus on doing little activities daily. Activities that won’t cost a crazy amount of coins,require a whole week of planning or entail tons of energy to land you in the bed before 8 p.m. Here’s a list that I’ve collectedwhich should help anyone dealing with anxiety or a different kind of mental stress:


It’s not a fad anymore. It’s a way of life for some people to overcome anxiety and maintain proper mental health. Meditation is training your mind to be at rest or be “empty”. For a beginner, you can allot five to ten minutes and focus on breathing or concentrating on positive affirmations. Since meditation is a sport, you work on increasing your sessions. The major benefits of meditation are lower blood pressure, lower stress and a decrease in anxiety and improved self-perception. There are other types of mediation. If you want to learn more about them, then click here.


Some of you may think that walking is for old people. It’s not. Actually, a professional fitness trainer to the stars recommended walking for anyone who wants to easily drop the pounds. I’ve read stories of people walking 12 miles per day and losing the weight of a small child in a time span of six months.However, for mental health, two to three miles a day seems just right. Focusing on the lyrics by India Arie, I’ll try walking two to three miles in the early morning or late evening at the near by track.


Stretching your muscles is another relaxing activity. I’m not talking about you trying to hold yourself up by your forearms. I mean ten minutes of basic stretches such as quad and standing triceps stretches. The goal is to loosen your muscles as they can become tense from being overworked or your mind processinga hectic day. Play a little neo-soul and see if works in releasing bad pent-up energy.


My mom always suggests prayer. She says that prayer changes things. I’m not suggesting committing to a religion. But, spirituality is part of the seven components that makes up wellness. I’ll admit that prayer will make you feel lighter. Plus, it feels good that something that is bigger than you or me is working on your behalf. So, to whomever you worship, talk to him or her about whatever is on your heart.

These are just some small, simple activities to do daily for mere minutes. You may like it or not. Still, the bigger issue is how you care for your mental health. There’s so much affecting you directly and indirectly like deadlines, appointments, and goals. Sometimes, you can’t be superwoman and accomplish everything or be there for everyone. So, how do you process it all? How do you make sure that you’re ok? That’s why I suggest taking a minute fraction of your 24-hours and free your mind. You’re too powerful to allow your situations to have power over you.