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TV Series "Empire" Returns

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Since its pilot episode in season 1, hit show “Empire” has had fans and critics raving. From the jump, the new series took viewers for quite a ride as they portrayed high drama plotlines with twists and turns on every corner. Empire isn’t quite like the typical hip-hop dramas one might watch, learning about the struggle to the rise of fame for artists (think back 8 Mile, Get Rich or Die Trying). Instead it centers its attention to what happens after achieving success- the lifestyle, the riches, power, respect, and the struggle to maintain it all.

Empire received great ratings and reviews on screen, but it was also greeted with some trouble off the screen. By the time the full first season had aired Fox was looking at multiple lawsuits from not so pleased viewers claiming their storyline had been stolen and used by the producers. Among those filling a case against the producers was Marvin Gaye’s son as well a Detroit bred woman claiming to be the real Cookie Lyons, suing for $300 million.

Adding to the list of dissatisfied viewers was none other than Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, the man behind equally brilliant TV show “Power”. The style of the two shows differ in a lot of ways but still faced a lot of comparisons to one another. What most upset Jackson about the new show was how they allegedly completely copied their marketing campaign. As a result small jabs were thrown via social media between cast members of each show. This also generated more talk about which show is better in comparison and which will last longer. Despite it all Empire still shows no signs of slowing down.

The highly anticipated return of the show is set to air this month on September 23rd. The first season ended with a forewarning statement from Lucious Lyon himself declaring “The day will come when Lucious Lyon will return”. If you learned anything from the first season you can be certain he will do any and everything in his power to finesse his way back on top.

Mark your calendars, the return is quickly approaching!